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Readywear Deconstructed: Textiles, Materials and Hardware


At our recent appearance at London Design Fair, we were once again thrilled to showcase our Readywear collection of off-the-peg uniform garments. We talked to many fair attendees about the various materials and hardware that make up the collection, demonstrating how these key elements can be tailored to suit individual business needs. In response, here we explore those key elements; the different textiles, materials and hardware that we have developed. They are the pieces of the complex jigsaw puzzle that is Readywear.

Field Grey Readywear Hardware Clips Nickel Fastenings

What is Readywear?

Readywear is Field Grey’s capsule collection of 36 essential uniform and workwear garments. Available in smaller order quantities than our usual bespoke design services, It offers the service industry, and beyond, a practical and diverse solution to meet uniform and workwear needs.

Tailored to Your Business

There are several ways Readywear can be tailored to an individual business: the most obvious being the range of colours the collection is available in and the option for branded embroidery on key items such as shirts and aprons. A more subtle way, though, is through the selection of the right fabrics, hardware and materials.


There are multiple fabric combinations available to Readywear customers, from rich coloured cottons to ecru-striped linens. Not only can the colour be tailored for branding, but the physical properties of materials can be considered, too, taking durability and strength into account. We have sourced the highest quality materials tested in different environments and we can talk you through the fabric that is best for your team, including cotton, polycotton, teflon coatings, elastane – even cashmere.
Field Grey Readywear Textiles Materials


We have worked with tried and tested suppliers across the UK and Europe for several years and we source the finest materials with our factories. From nickel to leather, the Readywear journey has involved much research and development in order to establish a bank of durable hardware elements.
Field Grey Readywear Hardware Metal


Herringbone is renowned for its durability and ease of use due to its distinctive v-shaped weave. We use the highest quality herringbone in our apron ties so that quality does not diminish through use. We have sourced a range of colours so that, again, the apron ties can be matched to suit your brand.
Field Grey Readywear Herringbone Ties

For more information about Readywear, give us a call on +44 (0) 203 948 3000 or email