Texture and Textiles: Day 3 at London Design Fair

Texture and Textiles: Day 3 at London Design Fair


On day three of this year’s London Design Fair, we hunting for some beautiful fabrics, and they weren’t hard to find. There are too many to include them all, but here are a few that caught the Field Grey team’s eye.

Aeand Studio, Allthefruits, Markless Design, Tuppence Collective, Floor Story, Teixits Vicens


And while we’re talking textiles, visitors to the show can watch our team demonstrating how easy it is to make the #FieldGreyApronKit.

Field Grey Apron Kit

The Apron Kit includes all the ingredients retailer’s customers will need for a stylish and durable Teflon-coated cotton bib apron. Each pack contains a full-size pattern, Teflon-coated duck cotton for the body of the apron, herringbone tape for the head strap and ties, and sewing thread. The only equipment needed to assemble the kit is a pair of good scissors, some pins, and a needle or sewing machine. The aprons come in three colour ways: Red with red herringbone head strap and ties; Charcoal with brown herringbone head strap and ties; and Olive with black herringbone head strap and ties.

Field Grey at London Design Fair 2017